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Young Carers
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Who is a Young Carer?

A Young Carer is a young person under the age of eighteen who has adult caring responsibilitites. They may care for or help care for a sibling, a parent or a grandparent who has an illness, a disability, a mental health problem or a substance misuse problem. They take on practical and/or emotional caring responsibilities that would normally be expected of an adult. In some cases they maybe caring for more than one person.
Many families do not identify that they have a young carer in their household, rather caring is seen as a ‘normal’ or routine part of their everyday experiences and relationships.

A substantial number of  young carers endure the challenges of managing a parent without adequate support.

Young Carers have varying roles which can include doing the shopping, helping look after brothers and sisters, dressing and bathing someone, keeping someone company, doing the washing and ironing, giving medication, personal   
care e.g. taking someone to the toilet, preparing meals, cleaning the house and providing emotional support.

Young Carers may not realise that sometimes having to care for someone can affect the amount of time they spend on school work, social time and their hobbies. They may not even realise that they are carers.
Young Carers