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Young Carers
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“People think I don’t care about school. But since my mum cant walk anymore she needs me there to help her some days.”  

“My little brother has autism. I think he’s great but sometimes I want to have time to myself.”

“I am the only one who is around when dad gets depressed. If I don’t stay in for him who will make sure he is okay?”
Issues affecting Young Carers

Caring can be a positive experience for Young Carers but for many it can have a more negative impact. Due to the pressures and demands of caring they may have:

o an increased probability of missing out on social time with peers affecting personal development,
o an increased probability of missing out on education or training,
o a greater danger of developing mental or physical health issues and
o a higher likelihood of offending and becoming involved with the criminal justice system.

Some Young Carers look on their caring role as being their duty and do not even acknowledge that they can, and should, ask for help.
Young Carers