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Young Carers
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How do I identify a Young Carer?

Do you work or volunteer with young people and/or their families? If that’s a yes, then we need your help in identifying more Young Carers in Orkney. There are a number of signs to look out for that could suggest a Young Person has caring responsibilities. They may:

show anxiety or concern over an ill or disabled relative and need to be in constant touch with home

often be late or miss days or weeks off from school or youth group for no apparent reason

be very secretive about home life

be often tired, withdrawn or stressed

suffer from back pain due to lifting heavy loads

have behavioural problems – there is often a big difference between the young person who seems "mature beyond their years" in their home environment, where they are very protective of a disabled relative and the young person who takes out their pent-up frustration or stress at school or in a youth group

be isolated or a victim of bullying, either because of the situation in the family, or because they lack social skills when they are around their peers

take on a caring role with younger children and in contrast may be confident with adults.
If you think you may know a Young Carer then please get in touch. You could make a positive difference to a Young Carer. We look forward to hearing from you. Click here for contact information.
Young Carers